Name: Gina Ojini

DOB: May 16th

Ethnicity: African/Brazilian

Occupation: Model, Video vixen and sketch artist

Languages spoken: English, Ibo,Yoruba

Twitter: @ginadullyyy


Resume: Video vixen for Davido, Terry G, Ikechukwu, Brymo and lots more

Photo Credit: Signor Chuksy

Make up/ Styling: Black Venus

Agency: Beverly Osu


October has always been my favorite month in the year. It is not only my birth month, but it also the month flags in the holiday seasons. So we decided to present you all with nothing short of extra ordinary. The shoot was themed; “An October to remember”…you (and us) will definitely not be forgetting her anytime soon

From the moment Gina walked into the studio, her aura she oozed of confidence and I immediately knew we were in for a good shot. Gina is a 24 year old model, video vixen, actress and sketch artist. You have probably seen her in music videos from Ikechukwu, Byrmo and most recently Davido’s hit single Dami Duro. Check out our 20 minutes with Miss October, drop a comment and let us know what you think.

Growing up…

I am from Imo State but I grew up almost all my life in Lagos, so naturally Lagos is my home.

How I started….

I started modeling about 5 years ago. I have always like the idea of expressing one self’s with modeling you can be sexy, naughty…anything you want to be. Its good fun and the money is not so bad either (general laughter)

What do you consider your sexiest body part?

(Giggles)…What do you think? My booty. But I also love my legs, and my eyes….i love everything…I’m sexy and I know it.

Do you think having size 40 hips is an advantage or a setback for your modeling career?

It is definitely an advantage…(general laughter)

So you are a sketch artist? Tell us a little about that?

Yea…I am a sketch artist that is my passion. I have been sketching since I was probably in my mum’s belly.  I use mostly pencil to sketch and shade but I also love painting. I do it all from portraits to landscape to even abstract stuff….i always find time to perfect my art every single day.

If you could change one thing about you…

I wouldn’t change anything. I love every single thing about me ..My imperfections are just perfect for me

A bloke walks up to you at a bar, 3 things you immediately look out for….

His physique, his looks and his skin.

One thing we’ll never see Gina doing …..

You’ll never see me coming between a happy home

One thing every guy should know about women is…

(thinks for a few seconds) Happy Woman, happy home

Gina in 2013….

I hope to do a couple more videos, magazine covers and most especially I would absolutely love to host my first art exhibition in 2013…I’ll keep y’all posted

Shout out

I’d like to say a big thank you to manswersonline for having me, I had so much fun doing this you guys rock. And to all my friends and new fans, you can follow me on twitter @ginadullyyy

(Editor’s note- Gina is new to twitter so help her out guys)


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