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If the Game Boy made your childhood and you really miss it, then here’s some good news. It’s been announced that a replica of the original handheld Nintendo Game Boy device, which was first released in 1989, would make a comeback in August 2017 with the release of the Super Retro Boy by Retro-Bit.

The information was tweeted by Retro-Bit on 6th January-

There is also a YouTube advertisement, see below-

This new console called the Super Retro Boy, is an upgrade to the original Game Boy. It is still essentially the Game Boy you know as it still looks and is operated like the Game Boy you had known way back. It can even use cartridges from the old Game Boy series, (Do you even have yours still??)

The few changes to the upgrade include a 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery and a shatter-resistant TFT HD display. It features a USB port for charging of the battery and the battery is expected to stay on for up to ten hours.

It is about the most popular handheld console from years back. The Game Boy cannot be easily forgotten as it played a major role in the lives of kids of the 90s. Reasons range the fact that it is the first handheld console most people owned, to the fact that it was quite the popular game at the time. Doubling as fun and as a status symbol. Having your own game ensured your friends and playmates who did not have had to literally beg to have turns on your device.
The Super Retro Boy will debut August 2017 at USD$80, that is about N25,000 naira. As the Presenter on the YouTube video said, It may be a small price to pay for recovering those childhood memories.

As for me, I don’t know… I’ll just play my Candy Crush here.


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